Information about art culture and photo gallery of iceland

This page is about the culture and art of Iceland. During several trips to Iceland we visited some hotspots and the National Gallery of Iceland. We were very impressed about the exhibition as well as the artworks of young artists at the National Gallery of Iceland. The highlight of the last visit was an exhibition of a well known artist of Iceland.

In a few weeks we are looking forward to travel again to Iceland by cruiseship or as in the past years with a Iceland Express flight from Germany. We also consider a side trip to Greenland to be inspirited from the modern traditional art there. Some photos of the National Gallery of Iceland and landscape will follow, we also plan to provide actual news from the Iceland Art Scene.

We are looking forward to take you with us on the virtual trip to Iceland. This page is will only be in in english to share our impressions to all interested people over the world. Good News for Greenland: As another great Greenland Website (grö from Germany reported, Greenland is becoming more popular in tourism. The Port of Qaqortoq is a secret tip for cruise tourists. For our German Iceland